Maroon Daydreams- Cheyenne Raine ☔️

Maroon Daydreams is a poetry anthology by Cheyenne Raine split into four parts: healing, experience, daydreaming, aftermath.

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a book for autumn, a book for fal


I’ve been restless with excitement of the oncoming autumn season. I don’t live near any kind of cool weather but there is something about allusion of fall that is presented in Florida that I’ve been waiting for… the Halloween decorations, autumn playlists, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING (I’ve been known to try pumpkin spice mandolins, pasta sauce, and peanut butter)

So whether you’re like me and you’re just as excited for Autumn. Or if you’re still in a summery mood and looking for something to get you there.

Here are two fall book releases of 2017 to get you in autumn mood.


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My First Guest Post!

Last month, I was scrolling through twitter and saw Maria Hollis @_mhollis asking for writers to contribute to bibliosapphic, a blog that is dedicated to sapphic literature. I immediately sent her a direct message asking what specifically she was looking for. I immediately got back a response. I could pick the topic and pick the deadline. And it was all a very easy process that I look forward to doing again some day. I hope you all enjoy the end result as well. Here is my take on bisexual representation in ya books.

Nicola Lancaster and Battle Hall Davies. I don’t speak of these two characters very much or even the book in which I read of them, Empress of the World by Sara Ryan. Which is odd considering the impact they had on me. It was way back when in 2007, I was a sophomore just getting […]

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