Maroon Daydreams- Cheyenne Raine ☔️

Maroon Daydreams is a poetry anthology by Cheyenne Raine split into four parts: healing, experience, daydreaming, aftermath.

Healing is all about letting yourself be healed by nature and the world around. It carries the notion that the world is in awe of you, which is a healing notion in and of itself. Raine uses natural imagery and lyrical language to say that all the beautiful breathtaking sights of the world, the expanse of the ocean, heavy rains, wind in the trees, flowers…that they can all recognize the beauty you admire them, in you.

Experience is about opening yourself up to enjoying the moments of your life. To approach all things (even bubble baths and carnival rides) with open eyes, minds, hearts, and hands.

My favorite parts of this section were the allusions to journal writing. It seemed to me that Raine wants to encourage her reader to not only experience life but to chronicle their moments, neatly or messily in ink between pressed flowers.

Daydreaming is about the importance of letting your mind take you places and relishing in the wanderings of your own thoughts and dreams.

Where Healing had emphasized the natural world and Experience emphasized the reality of the world, Daydreaming emphasizes the worlds we can create ourselves.

My favorite poem in the entire collection is found in this section. Weathered pages, describes stories in colors and tastes and whispers. The hint that stories are a kind of magic laced through each line of the poem gravitated it to me immediately as a fan a magical realism.

Aftermath is the completion of both the anthology and of Raine’s poetic journey of Maroon Daydreams.

Raine takes the concept of taking the past and folding it into the future and sky’s away with it. There is a distinct message of not to get lost missing the past but to enjoy the sweet memories and use the painful moments of ones life to build up towards the sky, towards other worlds yet discovered.

Maroon Daydreams is such a well pulled together anthology. It is a creatively organized ode to Cheyenne Raine’s personal journey. You can tell it was as much written for herself as it was for her readers and I look forward to more of her work. I give it 4 sunsets over the ocean and one everlasting sunrise.

Purchase Maroon Daydreamshere

Visit Raine’s site here for more poetry and her daily musings.

And if you enjoyed her work, you can chat with Raine here. She is a lovely human.

Adios, brujas.



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